Playing With Perrier

Ever since becoming a Nutrition Student, I have really started to evaluate my drinking and eating habits. I have never been an unhealthy eater, nor have a been a heavy drinker; but I do occasionally like to go out and indulge! However, after a night of drinking, I do not enjoy waking up feeling gross the next day. I love getting fancy drinks, but I am not a fan of the high amounts of sugar that these drinks are loaded with.

Recently, I have been experimenting with Perrier trying to come up with some fun “Mock-Tails!” While mock-tails are still full of sugar (just minus the alcohol), my take on mock-tails involve fruit and Perrier. This way, I get to make a fancy, fun drink, but I don’t have to feel guilty about the sugar, nor do I have to feel gross the whole next day!

My first time playing with Perrier I chopped up strawberries, lime and mint leaves, then muddled them in a glass. I added Perrier and more mint for decoration. It was delish and so refreshing!

For people who like their drinks a little bit sweeter, you have a couple options. 1- you could add more strawberries and fewer limes. 2 – you could add a small amount of cane sugar or brown sugar.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

This was my final product. Such a great alternative to alcoholic beverages! Perfect for girls night, a dinner party, or a quite night in with your loved ones! What do you think?! Are you willing to try?


From Meg, With Love


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