Playing With Perrier – Blackberry Edition

I recently published a post about how I am not into drinking alcohol. I don’t like the thought of the sugar intake I am getting, or the feeling I have the day after a little too much. So, I posted a drink creation I made – a somewhat mock-tail like drink involving fresh fruits & Perrier. Perrier is 0 calories, and you cannot go wrong with fresh fruit, so I feel as though I have mastered the art of making a healthy mock-tail.

I decided to try something new recently. I am a lover of all things mojito. If I am going to drink, this is my poison. So my mock-tail ideas are definitely mojito inspired. I decided to muddle blackberries with lime, add a touch of cane sugar, and pour Perrier over it. DIVINE. So refreshing, so perfect. My own little version of a mock-tail. It was a bit more bitter than the last version I made, but still so so soooo good. Here is the result!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Have you tried any healthy mock-tails? I would love to hear about them!


From Meg, With Love

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