The Summer of Colours!

Hello all and happy Wednesday! Each summer I try to make a little bucket list of things I would like to accomplish. Last year I did a ton of travelling and so I was unable to finish trying out all the things I wanted to! I thought I would write down my bucket list here so that I could share it with you and hopefully inspire you guys to get out there and do some fun stuff this summer!

I called my bucket list “The Summer of Colours” (I know, I am a bit of a loser for naming my bucket list) because I wanted this summer to be all about having a bright and colourful time!

So… are you ready? Here we go!

1. Do a bit of travelling

2. Upgrade the good ol camera lens

3. Finish designing my ‘.com’ (yes! I am going to be transferring this site to a .com soon!)

4. Redecorate my study/office space

5. Go camping in the beautiful Rocky Mountains!

6. Go berry picking (and then bake with the berries!)

7. Go to heritage days! This is a big festival in Edmonton where different cultures put on shows and cook food! So yum! Go on an empty stomach!

– on a side note – did you know National Geographic named Alberta one of the places to be this summer? Check it out here.

8. Go to a sunflower garden! So pretty!

9. Photo goals this summer? In a canola field! Yaaaas!

10. Work on creating a doable blogging sched! (I feel like this is something I defs need to work on – sorry guys!)

11. Go bike riding! Hell ya!

12. Hit up some cafes and restaurants I have never been to before!

13. Check out the farmers markets around Edmonton and Area (St. Albert has the largest outdoor farmers market in Western Canada – it is awesome!)

Well, this is what I came up with! I think it is pretty doable and I am looking forward to checking some things off my list! If I have anything to add, I’ll be editing this post!

What do you guys want to accomplish this summer? What is on your bucket list? Comment below!


With Love, Meg

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