The Summer of Colours!

Hello all and happy Wednesday! Each summer I try to make a little bucket list of things I would like to accomplish. Last year I did a ton of travelling and so I was unable to finish trying out all the things I wanted to! I thought I would write down my bucket list here so that I could share it with you and hopefully inspire you guys to get out there and do some fun stuff this summer!

I called my bucket list “The Summer of Colours” (I know, I am a bit of a loser for naming my bucket list) because I wanted this summer to be all about having a bright and colourful time!

So… are you ready? Here we go!

1. Do a bit of travelling

2. Upgrade the good ol camera lens

3. Finish designing my ‘.com’ (yes! I am going to be transferring this site to a .com soon!)

4. Redecorate my study/office space

5. Go camping in the beautiful Rocky Mountains!

6. Go berry picking (and then bake with the berries!)

7. Go to heritage days! This is a big festival in Edmonton where different cultures put on shows and cook food! So yum! Go on an empty stomach!

– on a side note – did you know National Geographic named Alberta one of the places to be this summer? Check it out here.

8. Go to a sunflower garden! So pretty!

9. Photo goals this summer? In a canola field! Yaaaas!

10. Work on creating a doable blogging sched! (I feel like this is something I defs need to work on – sorry guys!)

11. Go bike riding! Hell ya!

12. Hit up some cafes and restaurants I have never been to before!

13. Check out the farmers markets around Edmonton and Area (St. Albert has the largest outdoor farmers market in Western Canada – it is awesome!)

Well, this is what I came up with! I think it is pretty doable and I am looking forward to checking some things off my list! If I have anything to add, I’ll be editing this post!

What do you guys want to accomplish this summer? What is on your bucket list? Comment below!


With Love, Meg

Hippie Pants

Coachella weekend is upon us! And in honor, I am posting about this hippie pants I picked up recently! This whole look is from american eagle. I am digging this look and I can’t wait til its summer – I’ll be wearing these pants with a crop top! Yay! I am so jealous of everyone heading to coachella this weekend. I will be in the library studying economics and food quality – so exciting, I know. Only 2 more weeks until I am free of classes (for a while) and then my boyfriend and I have something fun planned and I am soooo excited (more to come soon)! Anyways, here is my look! I linked this exact outfit under the photos, and then linked a ton of other amazing options! Take a look at them!

Processed with VSCOcam with kk1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with kk1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with kk1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with kk1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with kk1 preset

Hippie pants found here. Tank can be found here. Jean jacket can be found here. Necklace can be found here. Lipstick from MAC! Birks from here.

Here are some other hippie pant options. Check them out!

Rip Curl ‘Indian Summer’ Print Flare Leg Pants (Juniors) • Rip Curl • $44.50

Tularosa Janelle Jumpsuit in Paisley • $178

Billabong Night Sessions Pants • Billabong • Sold Out

Billabong ‘Midnight Hour’ Floral Print Beach Pants (Juniors) • Billabong • $44.95

Band of Gypsies Drawstring Mosaic Pants • $62

Band Of Gypsies Sheer Chiffon Wide-Leg Pant • Urban Outfitters • $19.99

Petite Boho Print Knit Flare Pants • Charlotte Russe • $22.99

Petite Boho Print Knit Flare Pants • Charlotte Russe • $22.99

ASOS TALL High Waist Boho Print Trouser With Zip • Asos • $45

ASOS Leggings In Boho Paisley Print • Asos • $33

ASOS TALL Exclusive Boho Floral Off Shoulder Jumpsuit • Asos • $90

ASOS Flare Trousers in Boho Festival Print Co-ord • Asos • $54

LILY WHITE Boho Daisy Print Womens Palazzo Pants • Lily White • $26.97

FULL TILT Ethnic Boho Womens Wide Leg Pants • Full Tilt • Sold Out

Chaser Silk Tapestry Bells • Chaser • $122.39

Are you a fan of the hippie pants or no? Comment below!


With Love, Meg